Scots pine oil
Pinus sylvestris

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Inhaling oils such as wrinkles can also have cleaning effects in cases of diseases such as colds. Antimicrobial skin Some advocates argue that essential wrinkle oil can be used locally (applying to the skin) as an antimicrobial remedy, similar to tea oil. In theory, oil could be used for minor skin infections and burns. Alleviate symptoms of inflammatory skin conditions, such as acne, eczema, and rosacea. Ease the pain from related health conditions, such as arthritis and muscle pain. Possible side effects include: redness of hives itchy dry skin swelling skin If you are allergic to pine forest, do not use pine oil. Although not considered common, some people are allergic to pine pollen. You could be allergic to essential wrinkle oil if allergy-like symptoms appear, such as sneezing or a rash on the skin. How to use essential wrinkle oil essential pine oil can be used in a number of different ways, including inhalations and local variations. Talk to the doctor about the following methods.

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Scots pine oil-Pinus sylvestris


An essential oil obtained by steam distillation of the fresh twigs of Pinus sylvestris


Our advanced distillation system blends traditional skills with modern scientific approaches in order to produce high-quality essential oils and derivatives.


The main chemical:%


α Pinene %…..43,16




Limonene %…..16,22


Δ³-carene %….. 3,34






A-B Pinene // B-Myrcene // Limonene


stimulant, antiviral, antitumor, decongestant, antibacterial, hepatoprotective.



promote memory retention and alertness, can be effectively used to reduce acute inflammation.



known to assist against inflammation, improving energy levels, and uplifting the moods of users.


Scots pine oil Benefits







Muscular Pain/Injury/Fatigue


Bronchial Infection

Sinus Congestion

General Debility


Mental And Nervous Exhaustion


Reduces Pain

The analgesic properties of scotch pine essential oil make it an ideal oil to use to reduce muscle and joint pain, especially for those suffering from arthritis and rheumatic conditions. Its anti-inflammatory properties also help to reduce swelling and inflammation.

To reduce muscle and joint pain, mix scotch pine essential oil with a carrier oil and massage gently onto the affected areas. Alternatively, add a few drops of this oil to a relaxing bath.


Scotch pine essential oil can also be used to relieve headache pain. For this, either diffuse the essential oil of the home or mix with a carrier oil and gently massage onto your temples.


Removes Toxins

Scotch pine essential oil is a diuretic, meaning it increases the frequency of urination. This helps the body remove excess water, toxins, and salt. By increasing urination and removing toxins, takes the strain off of the kidneys and keeps them healthy.


Improves Respiratory Function

If you’re suffering from a cough, cold, flu, allergies, congestion, or bronchitis, scotch pine essential oil may help. The high A-Pinene content in this essential oil makes it especially effective at reducing symptoms of respiratory conditions.


It is both an expectorant and a decongestant, which helps loosen and eliminate excess phlegm in the lungs and throat. Removing excess phlegm from the respiratory system allows the body to fight infection and heal more quickly.

If you’re having trouble breathing, add a few drops of scotch pine essential oil to a bowl of steaming water. Cover your head with a towel and breathe in the steam for five minutes. You can also mix this essential oil with a carrier oil and gently massage it onto the chest and neck to help open up the nasal passages.


Treats Skin Conditions

Scotch pine essential oil has antimicrobial and antiseptic properties, which help reduce the symptoms of various skin conditions. If you’re suffering from acne, eczema, athlete’s foot, psoriasis, or simply dry, itchy skin, try using scotch pine essential oil. It can also be used to reduce the risk of infection in minor scrapes, cuts, and bites.


Scotch pine essential also has antioxidant properties due to its limonene content. When used topically, it helps fight free radicals and reduce their negative impact on the skin. This helps reduce signs of aging, such as fine lines and wrinkles.

To treat minor skin conditions, apply scotch pine essential oil directly to the affected areas. If you have sensitive skin, dilute this oil in a carrier oil before applying.


Reduces Stress

If you’re suffering from stress, anxiety, or mental fatigue, diffusing scotch pine essential oil throughout the home can help alleviate these feelings. For those with a lot of stress or nervous tension, this essential oil proves helpful when added to the massage oil. You can also choose to add a few drops of this essential oil to a relaxing bath.


Scotch pine essential oil can also boost mental clarity, increase energy, and help you maintain focus.

This makes it an ideal essential oil to diffuse when you need to focus on a difficult assignment or a tedious task. For a quick, on-the-go remedy to stress, inhale scotch pine essential oil through a personal essential oil diffuser like Forest, Ocean, or Mountain MONQ.


Supports Immune System Function

The antimicrobial properties of scotch pine essential oil kill against harmful pathogens, helping the body fight disease. Diffusing essential oil throughout the home can cleanse the air and reduce bacteria and viruses that make you sick.


Adding scotch pine essential oil to massage oil or a relaxing bath is also a great way to topically inhibit bacterial and viral infections.


Disinfects Surfaces

The potent antimicrobial properties of scotch pine essential oil make it an ideal natural disinfectant. Simply add a few drops of scotch pine essential oil to a spray bottle with water and use it as a disinfecting spray throughout the home. You can also diffuse this essential oil throughout the home with a room diffuser to naturally disinfect the air.


Freshens Air

The fresh, woodsy scent of pine is a delightful way to freshen the smell of your home. Scotch pine essential oil doesn’t smell anything like the “pine” cleaners you may be used to.


Instead, it fills the air with a fresh scent reminiscent of a crisp walk through the woods. It’s perfect for entertaining guests during the holidays or for simply adding a fresh scent to your everyday routine.


100ml, 10ml, 20ml, 30ml, 50ml


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Pinus sylvestris”

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